Indian Para-Athlete Forced To Beg In Berlin


Berlin: In an another shocking incident, an Indian para-athlete Kanchanmala Pande, who is completely sightless, was forced to beg in Berlin as the amount sanctioned by the government could not reach her.

According to the report Pande said, “Berlin trip was sanctioned by government. The Paralympic Committee of India (PCI) told us that they can’t give money as their account is blocked and we’ve to spend our own money. They asked us to pay for our trip and said that they will reimburse it afterwards.

The PCI account is blocked due to the non-availability of court-appointed committee chairman.

Pande said even her coach didn’t perform his duties and they themselves had to complete all the formality in Berlin.

“Even my entry was made into a wrong group. I checked it later on and came to know that my entry was made in a wrong group. I myself had to get it corrected,” she said.
Pande said that it was coach’s responsibility to arrange the travelling pass for them in Berlin, which he didn’t do and because of this she even had to borrow money to pay the ticket examiner.

“I was traveling in a tram. For travelling in tram, a pass was needed which was the responsibility of my coach but he didn’t do anything. I had to borrow money from fellow swimmer to pay fine to ticket examiner,” she said.

After going though the trauma in a foreign country, Pande urged the Central Government to make sure such incidents are not repeated again.