Indian-Origin Engineer’s Solar ‘Tuk-Tuk’ Turns Heads At UK Exhibition


London: A solar-powered auto-rickshaw – Tuk-Tuk – an initiative of an Indian-origin engineer Naveen Rabelli, turned many heads at Low Carbon Vehicle Exhibition being held in the UK.

The refurbished Tuk Tuk , originally a basic auto-rickshaw, was made fuel-free, solar operated and fully electric by Mr Rabelli, an engineer from Hyderabad. He designed the Tuk-Tuk with the help of small fuel efficient companies in India. Top car makers and participants at the exhibition in Millbrook in England were amazed by a trendy looking red-and-yellow stunner Tuk-Tuk. Many from Germany and Switzerland have shown interest in purchasing the Tuk-Tuk to use the model for future vehicles.

It could also find a permanent address in a famous museum in the UK. Rabelli, 35, drove for over 14,000 kms on Tuk-Tuk from India to London to create awareness of alternative mobility solutions for passenger vehicles using renewable energy.

“I wanted to prove that this form kind of transport is reliable, for long distance, different terrains, and different weather patterns. I have driven through some really tough terrains,” Mr Rabelli said, adding, “U turn was never an option.”

In February, Naveen Rabelli set off on his journey from India to the UK to spread the message on renewable energy and a zero pollution travel. After running a marathon of over 14,000 kms, through 13 countries including Iran, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, France, he reached Dover town in England five days later than expected because his passport and wallet were stolen in Paris. He continued his journey after obtaining an emergency passport.

His budget was as low as 5 Euros a day; he even slept inside his Tuk-Tuk during his halts in different countries. His self-modified tuk-tuk is fitted with a bed, a seat for a co-passenger, a cupboard with food donated by people and a solar-powered cooker.

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