Indian Navy to Hold War Game With US & Japan


New Delhi: To hone its capability to conduct joint operation with international navies, the Indian Navy will be holding a naval exercise with the navies of United States and Japan in bay of Bengal.

The exercise will witness American aircraft Theodore Roosevelt in action along with a nuclear submarine besides Indian and Japanese naval assets. A battery of special forces, including Naval commandos Marcos and Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team, will also be deployed. navy

India is deploying a Russian-origin submarine besides a R-Class destroyer, one Shivalik Class frigate, one tanker, one Betwa guided missile frigate, a P8i maritime surveillance aircraft and two different types of helicopters.

The exercise, to be held from October 12-19, will see US’ Nimitz-class 100,000-tonne carrier, the USS Theodore Roosevelt which answers to the radio call sign “Rough Rider” in action.

It comes with its own Strike Group which consists of a USS Normandy (guided missile cruiser), USS Fort Worth (littoral combat ship), rotary UAV Fire Scout MQ8 and a nuclear-powered submarine USS City of Corpus Christi besides the P8A maritime reconnaissance aircraft.

Japan is sending one of its latest Akizuki-class destroyer equipped with a heavy helicopter.

‘Malabar’ is an annual naval training exercise conducted by Indian and American Navies, which includes fighter combat operations from aircraft carriers and other maneuvers.

Japan had last taken part in the Malabar hosted by India in 2007. However, a strong reaction from China against the inclusion of Japan and Australia in 2007 led to the exercises being largely kept bilateral.

However, India this year invited Japan to be part of the exercise along with the US.

Source Defence News

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