Indian Navy: 42C Chopper To Move ONGC Team Offshore


Mumbai: Indian Navy launched a Seaking 42C helicopter earlier on Sunday to transfer ONGC technical team to offshore ONGC platform S1-6 to undertake repair after a gas leak was reported onboard. ONGC helicopters couldn’t undertake repair due to bad weather conditions so Navy was requested for help.

A Navy spokesperson said they launched a Sea King 42C helicopter to transfer the ONGC technical team to the platform, so that repairs could be undertaken. “The naval helicopter had to undertake this mission in challenging circumstances including strong and gusting winds of over 30 knots,” the spokesperson said.

Due to the small size of the helipad on the platform, the repair team had to be winched from the helicopter. “The daring mission was carried out with skilful precision and helped avert a potentially dangerous outcome,” the spokesperson said.