Indian Muslims Are Our Brother: BJP


Kolkata: Indian Muslims are our brother, said state BJP General Secretary Sayantan Basu. He claimed on Friday that, all the infiltrators from Bangladesh should be removed from the state. We are not talking about Indian Muslims as they are our brother. The Hindus from Bangladesh-Pakistan must be provided shelter as refugee, according to BJP.

India divided over the religion issue. So the people coming from neighbouring country will be divided in two categories- Infiltrator and Refugee. The Muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan are illegal infiltrators but other community people like Buddhist, Jain, Parshi, Shikh and Christians will be counted as refugee. BJP will provide shelter to religious minorities as they have been endangered.

Muslims infiltrators will be sent back to their country as they are coming with bad intention. Before the chaos in Assam, Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 has been passed in Parliament. The bill has clearly stated that, the religious minorities will get the citizenship with a condition where they have to live in India at least six years.

Those who are applying for citizenship will have to live in India for last twelve months. The bill comes under Article 14 of IPC which upholds equality. But BJP has countered that India is a secular country. Indian Muslims holds the same right like other citizens. But Muslims are illegal infiltrators.