Indian Mujahiddin not a terror organization: Cong leader


Panaji: The chairman of the minority cell of the congress Khurshid Ahmed Sayed said that Indian Mujahiddin (IM) is only a separatist organization and its members are not terrorists. The IM is an officially recognized terrorist organization. It has been recognized by the Indian and the U.S. Government.

While speaking to journalists at the Congress headquarters of Goa, Saiyed also said that the Muslims in other parts of the world may be involved in Terrorism but the Muslims of the Indian origin are never involved in such terror activity.

He said, “See, they may be there in some other countries, so far Indians are concerned, I am very much clear. I am very much categorical, that they are not there in India.”

When asked about the involvement of the IM in many terror activities throughout the country including the bombings in Pune (2010), Varanasi (2010) and Mumbai serial blasts (2011), he said that there may be some organization speaking some nonsense but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are terrorists.

It is to be noted that the Indian Mujahiddin was declared a terror organization in 2010 by the then ruling UPA government under Congress leadership.

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