Indian Hackers Hack 100 Pak Websites

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New Delhi: A group of Indian hackers claim to have defaced several Pakistani websites in retaliation to hacking of South Indian movie star Mohanlal’s official website.

As per the reports, Mohanlal’s official website was allegedly hacked by Pakistani hackers who also posted anti-national message related to Kashmir on his defaced website.

Several Indian hacking groups launched massive attack on Pakistani websites and have claimed to have defaced over 100 such sites. They posted Mohanlal’s picture and a dialogue from one of his films. They went ahead and said that the website was intruded into as a payback for hacking the actor’s website.

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“We have launched an attack on Pakistani sites and have brought down several government and online sites of Pakistan. We are also defacing websites of some prominent actors and we will continue to do this till Pakistani hackers do not stop such attack on Indian cyber space,” said a hacker of Indian Cyber Security Force, which claims to be an NGO.

Earlier, Pakistani hackers posted pro-separatist message on the hacked page of Mohanlal’s official website “Thecompleteactor. com”. They had uploaded an image of Pakistan flag and posted anti-India messages and blamed it for killing innocent Muslims in free Kashmir. However, the page was recovered within hours.

In retaliation Indian hackers posted Indian flag on defaced Pakistani website with a message, “Feel the power of Indian, don’t dare to mess with us, otherwise Kashmir toh hoga lakin Pakistan nahi hoga,” said the post by Indian hacker.

Even a member of Kerala Cyber warrior told Mail Today that they have found vulnerability in many Pakistani websites and a mass attack will be launched.

However, this is not the first time that Indian hackers have hacked Pakistan websites in retaliation. A similar incident took place in September 2015 and in October 2014.