Indian girls talk about their ‘Sex’perience


Men are often seen expressing openly about their sexual desires from their partners. But what do girls want from their partners? Is it all about sex or something else? How much of passion needs to be involved? Should the experience be short or long lived? Here let’s find out the answers to the questions.

sexyAccording to a survey report in the streets of Delhi, most girls want a pleasant experience while having sex. On one hand while they want their partners to go on smoothly over them they also want them to be strong with a long lasting experience. Many girls also want to have foreplay with their partners.

No girl wants their partner to go on harsh on them but have a passionate feeling and be praised even when they are having sex.

Coming about the size, NO!!! Size doesn’t matter to girls when it comes to sex!! It’s all about Stamina. Girls love men who have more stamina so that they can have a long-lasting experience.