Indian Couple Married For Just 20 Days Gets Their Divorce After 20 Years


New Delhi: Remember Kim Kardashian and her infamous 72 days of marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries? Well, at least they got their divorce time. In a bizarre case – and a classic example of how judicial cases stretch in India – an Indian couple who were married for just 20 days, got their divorce after 20 years of legal battle!

Yep, you heard us! According to a report by Daily Mail, Dharmesh Sharma, the principal judge of the family court said the slow deliverance of justice by the judiciary “casts a very sickening feeling in my mind” but also added that somewhere the two parties and their counsel too had a role to play in the delay of judgement.

Reportedly, 53-year-old Thirumoorthy Ramakrishnan and 49-year-old Subhashini Bala Subramanian got married in 1998. They separated after 20 days of their married life together after the wife got arrested in a case of fraud, that she maintained she was wrongly accused of. Ramakrishnan filed for divorce on the grounds of ‘cruelty’ that resulted in him suffering from the stress after knowing his wife’s ‘truth’. The wife was arrested from Ooty, where the newlywed couple had gone to visit temples.

On her part, the wife stood her stand and her legal team accused her husband of ‘abandoning’ her and leaving her to fend for herself and their daughter on her own. According to the report, it was on the last day of her remand after she was brought to Delhi for her trial, when she told her husband that she was carrying their child.

As a part of the legal battle that ensued, inquiries made at his workplace resulted in ‘deep mental and physical cruelty’ for Ramakrishnan. Apparently, he also told the court that the woman kept her professional qualifications and other essential details hidden from him, only aggravating his tension. Now, the man has reportedly shifted abroad, while his ex-wife works as an accountant here. Their daughter passed Class 12 with 94 per cent, according to the report.

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