Indian Coast Guard Ship Braves Rough Sea To Rescue 14 Fishermen


Kolkata: Indian Coast Guard on Tuesday saved 14 lives on receipt of an SOS call from assistant director Fisheries,Contai. The boat “sandhya” was adrift 55 nm from Paradip Light House. The ICG Regional headquarters diverted ICGS Razia Sultana on patrol to carry out extensive search of the missing fishing boat. Coast guard aircrafts were also pressed into action from Kolkata.

Coast guard dornier detected missing boat 51 nm deep into sea. On confirmation, ICGS Razia Sultana was vectored towards the stranded boat.

The fishing boat Sandhya carrying 14 crew members had gone to the mid sea on 11 Jul for fishing and developed technical snag on its engine rendering it adrift in high seas.

All 14 crew of fishing boat are safe and provided with food and other assistance by Indian Coast Guard. The stranded boat has been towed by ICGS Razia Sultana and handed over along with crew at Paradip. The entire operation was monitored by coast guard regional headquarter(north east), kolkata.