‘Indian Caller’ Insists Pak Police To Say ‘Jai Hind’


New Delhi: The Islamabad Police present registered a disorder against an unknown organism they expressed is Indian, for making prevailing phone calls to their regulate area and requesting them to lift ‘Jai Hind’ sayings, informed Pakistan’s The convey Tribune.

The visitor reportedly filled the phone-lines of the Islamabad Police regulate area on December 25 and required he be put on the phone with elder police legitimates. He allegedly even publicized risks to the servicemen who acted his call.

Initially, the policemen couldn’t ascertain the person of the visitor through his communication, but they were angered by him constantly saying ‘Jai Hind’ and therefore expected he is Indian.

‘বলুন জয় হিন্দ’ পাক পুলিশকে চাপ অজ্ঞাতপরিচয় ব্যক্তির

Later, the visitor bayed that he was communicating from India and that his name was “Zashe”, expressed the Tribune.

“The calls started coming in around 3:30 in the morning. The caller wanted to speak to the Inspector General of Police and the Deputy Inspector General. When his requests were turned-down, he intimidated us with objectionable language”, expressed sub-inspector Shabbir Ahmed, who was positioned in the command room.

“He told us to raise ‘Jai Hind’ slogans,” Ahmed added. As the visitor formation determination of the command area was impaired, the officers-in-charge had to take aid from the Pakistan medium institution minor (PTCL) to trace the visitor’s amount. PTCL reportedly confirmed that the calls were approaching from India.