Why Indian Brides Serve Milk To Husbands On Suhaag Raat Revealed

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New Delhi: We Indians do a hell lot of things without understanding why we are doing them. We stop when a cat crosses our way, we do not  eat non-vegetarian food on Thursdays and Tuesdays and we keep fasts and upvaas for the long life of husbands . But there are some customs that come with a lot of logic and reasoning. One of them is the custom of serving milk to the groom on the wedding night or the suhaagraat.

Bollywood has taught us that when a woman dressed in a heavy kanjivaram saree and gold jewellery enters the room carrying a glass of kesar doodh it is time to change the channel, particularly if you are watching the TV with your parents.

Well, there is a scientific explanation for the tradition and it does not happen just because it happens. We did our part of research and compiled a list of reasons why brides serve a glass of milk to their grooms on their wedding nights.

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Among the eight types of milk mentioned in Ayurveda, cow’s milk is said to be the best. Cow’s milk is rejuvenating and strengthens the various tissues, improves memory, and boosts immunity. It is easily digested and absorbed into the body that’s why it is served at night. It is best served at night with a pinch of saffron and turmeric. Milk is known as a purifying agent and therefore it is used in a number of rituals. As the bride and groom start a new life, milk marks a pure beginning.

অনুব্রতর পরে দিলীপ, ‘ঠ্যাঙানি’র রাজনীতি বাংলায়

There are certain texts of Ayurveda which recommends milk for men to increase their sexual ability. They recommend including herbs like Kesar and shilajit to increase the vitality and stamina.

Also scientifically, amino acids are present in almond-saffron milk which gives the individual a punch of strength. Saffron is also used to increase interest in sex and prevents premature ejaculation.

A glass of milk is also seen as a symbol of wealth and good fortune and when the bride serves a glass of milk to the groom it means that she will bring good fortune to her husband.

জেনে নিন কম ডেটা ইউজ করে ইন্সটাগ্রাম ব্যবহারের টিপস

Marriages can be tiring and exhausting. A glass of milk can help the bride and groom relax and offer them a good night’s sleep.