Indian Army Team Wins Gold Medal In Cambrian Patrol Exercise


New Delhi: A team from the Indian Army’s Gorkha Rifles has won a gold medal at one of the most gruelling exercises in the world. Team 2/8 Gorkha was awarded a gold medal in Exercise Cambrian Patrol organized by the British Army.

The British Army in Wales has tweeted a video of the ceremony where the Indian soldiers were awarded the medals. The medal went to the eight men of the 2nd Battalion of 8 Gorkha Rifles.

“Congratulations to 2nd Btn 8 Gorkha Rifles on their gold medal at #CambrianPatrol. Consistently superb,” tweeted the British Army in Wales. The 2/8 Gorkhas then presented a memento, a traditional khukri, to the Brits. The khukri is the central element in the regimental insignia of the Gorkha Rifles.

The Cambrian Patrol is an annual international military patrolling exercise in the rugged Cambrian Mountains of Wales. It is regarded as one of the toughest tests modern soldiers can face.

The exercise consists of a 55-km course that snakes across the Cambrian Mountains. It is a mission and task-oriented exercise, which means the participating team must complete tasks given to them. All this must be done within 48 hours. And the patrol must carry its full personal kit equipment.

The teams are given points based on the tasks their performances in several military tasks. Any missing equipment in their kits will be replaced by dead weight and the team will lose points. They are assessed on military skills, completion of orders and debrief. Other factors that may be assessed include dismounted close combat skills; obstacle crossing drills; first aid procedures; recognition of aircraft; vehicles and equipment; IED and minefield clearance drills; patrol techniques, prisoner of war (PoW) handling; helicopter drills; media handling; radio communications skills and artillery target indication procedures among others.

The Cambrian Patrol is not a competition. Gold (75 percent), silver (65-74 percent) and bronze (55-64 percent) medals are awarded based on the number of points earned on completion of the gruelling course. Certificates are awarded to teams that finish with lower than 55 percent of the points.