Indian Army Successfully Test Fires BRAHMOS Missile


New Delhi: The Indian Army has successfully test fired an advanced version of BRAHMOS land-attack cruise missile in the eastern sector, revalidating the formidable weapon’s precision strike capability.

শত্রুপক্ষকে বার্তা দিয়ে ‘ব্রহ্মস ৩’ সফল পরীক্ষা ভারতের

The land-to-land configuration of BRAHMOS Block – III was launched from a Mobile Autonomous Launcher (MAL) for its full-range, demonstrating the weapon’s unmatched lethality of hitting the centre of a designated target with “bull’s eye” precision.

The test conducted was the fourth successive successful launch of the Block -III version of BRAHMOS LACM which once again stamped the missile’s impeccable precision strike capability.

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Meeting all flight parameters in a copybook manner while conducting high-level and complex manoeuvers, the supersonic cruise missile successfully hit the land-based target with desired precision in a top attack configuration.