Indian Army Sharpens Strategy With ‘Shatrujeet’ Exercise


New Delhi: The Indian Army is conducting a massive exercise ‘Shatrujeet’ in the Thar desert near to the border with Pakistan to fine-tune its proactive war strategy to respond swiftly to any threat to nation’s security.

As per a report in The Times of India, the exercise is being steered by the 1 Corps – one of the three principle `strike corps of the Indian Army` – based in Mathura near Delhi.

Several infantry, armoured and artillery formations are taking part in the operations being conducted under a simulated nuclear, biological, chemical warfare environment. Army Chief General Dalbir Singh Suhag will review the final phase of the exercise.

The exercise is of critical importance for the Indian Army as Pakistan has often flaunted its 60-km Hatf-IX missiles as a counter to India’s conventional military superiority. Shatrujeet aims to fine-tune the strategy to tackle the threat.

The TOI quotes a defence expert as saying, “Pakistan might be foolish enough to talk about tactical nukes as weapons but India’s no-first-use nuclear policy is clear. It warns of a massive and harsh retaliation to any first NBC strike by an adversary, be it tactical or strategic.”

To add teeth to the strategy, the Shatrujeet exercise will also see major airborne operations, including para-dropping of around 3,000 soldiers.