Indian Army To Build Hi-Tech Fence Along LoC


New Delhi: The Indian Army in a bid to control ‘Cross-Border Infiltration’ has decided to speed up its work on installing a new smart fence along the Line of Control. “The present fence has a high rate of degradation due to snow and has to be repaired after every season which costs about 50-60 crore every year,” a senior officer of the Indian military told The Hindu.

কেন্দ্রের অর্ডারে সেনাবাহিনীতে আসছে ৩০০০-এর বেশি Safari Storme

He added that over time the infiltrators have also started getting used to the existing fence and have come up with ways to breach it. The existing fence installed is called the Anti-Infiltration Obstacle System which is some 700m from the LoC. The fence which is double row consists of concertina wire and was constructed between 2003 and 2005.

আমদানি করা এই পাঁচ অস্ত্রই হয়ে উঠবে চিন-পাকিস্তানের বিরুদ্ধে ভারতের GAME CHANGER

A proposal to install the smart fence has been in the pipeline for some time as it would allow the authorities round the clock real-time surveillance. The installation of the fence has gained momentum after the Pathankot and Uri terror attacks last year by Pakistani terrorists.

The fence has already been tested and installed along a 50 km stretch and the project will be constructed by the Army’s Corps of Engineers. The smart fence stretching about 700 km will have enhanced surveillance features with integrated sensors and also has better survivability, of course, all the details are not disclosed due to sensitivity.

ডেস্ট্রয়ার, ফ্রিজেট সহ ৪১টি নতুন যুদ্ধজাহাজে সাজছে ভারতের নৌবাহিনী

The new fence would be constructed in place of the existing one and is expected to cost around 100 crores. The government has assured that it will receive the required funds.
It has also been reported that the project would be undertaken in phases. Under the first phase, the army will build the fence on the most vulnerable areas and where most damage has occurred. Meanwhile, the rest of the fence will be replaced in the second phase.

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