Indian Army: 10 Years Without Parachute


New Delhi: The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) on Friday said the Indian army was without specialised parachutes for over a decade in a report tabled in Parliament on Friday.

It also raised questions on the functioning of army aviation corps, the cantonment boards, and shortfall in the availability of BMP vehicles in the Indian army.

“Combat free fall (CFF) parachutes are required during highly specialised operations and are vital for the success of the missions carried out by Parachutes Special Forces Battalions of Indian Army. However, the Army was without these specialised parachutes for over a decade,” the report said. The parachutes developed by DRDO in 2006 could not be successfully produced by the Ordnance Factory Board, even after incurring an expenditure of Rs 10.75 crore, it said.

The audit report was also critical of the army aviation corps saying it was plagued with 32%deficiency against its authorised fleet strength.

The country’s top auditor, separately, also slammed the Indian Air Force for sub-optimal utilisation of operational capabilities of AWACS (air borne warning and control system) aircraft purchased in 2004 for Rs 5,042 crore and has said shortage of aircrew may impact the operations of the planes during hostilities.

The Comptroller and Auditor General if India also slammed the low serviceability of the Sukhois, country’s front-line combat aircraft.