India Women’s Hockey Team Lose 0-3 To Great Britain


Rio De Janeiro: India women’s team were outplayed by the Great Britain unit in all three quarters as they lost 0-3 in the Rio 2016 Olympics contest on Tuesday. After an inspiring match against Japan in their first match, a lot was expected from the Indian team but they were no match to a very disciplined Britain unit.

The first quarter was a quiet one as both teams traded possession and India did well to keep Britain away from the scoring D. Even when penetrations happened, India defended in numbers to deflect the danger away. This, however, lasted only 15 minutes.

In the second quarter, Great Britain scored. And they scored twice within the space of three minutes. After 24 minutes of action, Britain won their first penalty corner and converted it. They doubled their lead minutes later and went into half-time with a healthy 2-0 lead.

0-2 down was not a new position for India to be in as they were at the same stage, at the same time, against Japan. Britain, however, were different.

Minutes into the third quarter, they made clinical movement from the left and the striker, waiting in front of the goal in the scoring D, had to just put the last touch to deflect the cross in. Lead went up to 3-0 and we knew where the game was heading from there on. The pressure was on India and they failed to deliver.Two penalty corners came their way but none were converted in the fourth quarter.

India had a genuine shot at goal towards the fag end of the game but even that wasn’t converted and India were not able open their account in the 60 minutes. In a very tough group, it will take a lot of effort from the Indian unit to challenge skillfull oppositions.