India Will Strongly Retaliate If Pakistan Counter-Attacks


Kolkata: Pakistan will take its revenge; they will counter attack at any moment, General Shankar Roy Chowdury warns India.

The former Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army, alerts India, says that Pakistan will not stay mum to the Krishnaghati incident on Monday morning. A video footage released on Monday showed a destroyed Pakistani bunker along the LoC after a mortar fire was launched by India near Jammu and Kashmir’s Krishna Ghati sector in Poonch district. The bunker was destroyed in less than 60 seconds. But he even lauded at India’s success against Pakistan.

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The Pakistani forces killed two Indian soldiers and mutilated their bodies along the Line of Control. Army Chief Bipin Rawat had warned against this ‘barbaric’ act of Pakistan and said that the Indian Army had known measures and strategies to counter attack against Pakistan. India retaliated on Monday, destroyed Pakistan bunkers with the use of anti-tank missiles. Not only this, but they selected Krishnaghati, the location where the Indian soldiers were mutilated. General Shankar Roy Chowdhury lauded and praised Indian army for this. He also said that this step could have been taken a long time ago.
General Shankar Roy Chowdhury said, “Pakistan has been conducting unprovoked ceasefire violations at the border each and every day. Today the Indian Army has given an apt reply. This has definitely raised their hopes high.”

পাকিস্তানি প্রত্যাঘাতের জবাব দিতে প্রস্তুত ভারতীয় সেনা

Not only the recent mutilation by Pakistan, but they had also adopted this barbaric method in the past too. These heinous acts have an immense effect on the soldiers’ minds. He said, “These kinds of acts have a major effect in the minds of the soldiers. There are restrictions from the higher authorities, or else the Army can retaliate every day and teach them a lesson.”

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General Roy Chowdhury also pointed out that Pakistan would wish for ‘revenge’. But if Pakistan re-attacks, then India will not stay put.

Will that lead to war?

To this question the former Army chief replied that Pakistan would not go for a direct war with India, but most likely would increase their activities at the border. He also added that India is well-aware of measures to be taken to control terrorist activities by Pakistan.

General Roy suggested the increase of security at the borders, especially at the night so that there remains no lapse.

Interview by Bijoy Roy

Edited by Saheli Dey