India will have maximum FB users by 2017


New Delhi: India to have the maximum Facebook users by 2017. It will surpass the US to lead the global tally of the largest Facebook user base on mobile by 2017, market research firm ‘eMarketer’ said in a report. According to the report, nearly 1 billion users worldwide will access the popular social network through their mobile phones at least once each month in 2015.

“India – the world’s second largest Facebook audience – will surpass 100 million mobile phone Facebook users for the first time this year and by 2017, will have more mobile Facebook users than the US,” ‘eMarketer’ said.

Overall, there will be 1.58 billion mobile phone social network users globally this year and even with the ban in China and strong local social networks in other large population countries, like Russia, mobile Facebook users will still represent over 60 per cent of the worldwide mobile social audience, it added.