India Witnessed Partial Solar Eclipse Today


New Delhi: The first solar eclipse of the year 2016 occured on March 9. On this day, the Moon passed between the Sun and Earth. The disc of the moon covers the sun entirely, creating darkness during daytime.

However, India missed the spectacular phenomenon of a total solar eclipse on Wednesday, as only a partial eclipse was seen from some places in the country.

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The partial solar eclipse started 05:38:25 am in the morning and will approximately lasted till 06:50:43 am in the morning.

“In India, partial eclipse will be seen from the eastern half of the country. In most of the places in India, the eclipse will start either before sunrise or around sunrise making the viewing of this spectacular cosmic event quite difficult,” Dr Debiprosad Duari, director of M P Birla Planetarium, Kolkata, said.

For Kolkata, the eclipse started at 05:51 am and at around 06:06 am the maximum partial eclipse was be visible.

Along with Kolkata, the major places where the eclipse was seen during the sunrise are Siliguri, Coochbehar, Guwahati, Puri, Chennai and Kanyakumari.