India To Hold First Global Maritime Summit


Visakhapatnam: My profuse thanks to men and women of Indian Navy for their tireless dedication for making this Fleet Review a truly historic success.

My sincere gratitude also to CM Chandrababu Naiduji for his strong support for this international event. India would host the first ever Global Maritime Summit in April.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – concept of whole world as a family- is perhaps most vividly witnessed on the oceans of the planet. Last time India hosted the International Fleet Review was in the year 2001 in the city of Mumbai. The world of 2016 is vastly different.

Since the days of Indus Valley Civilization, India has maintained an extensive network of maritime links. Navies and maritime agencies of the world need to work together and engineer virtuous cycles of cooperation.

Threat of sea borne terror, of which India has been a direct victim, continues to endanger the regional and global peace and stability. We must use seas to build peace, friendship and trust and curb conflict.

Our approach is evident in our vision of Sagar which means Ocean and stands for Security And Growth for All in the Region. Indian Ocean Region is one of my foremost policy priorities.

India is and has always been a maritime nation. Of all Indian Naval ships participating in Fleet Review, at least 37 are Made in India, a number that will surely rise in coming years.