India to Get First Transgender Cop


Chennai: After a long legal battle and exasperating journey of ten months, Prithika Yashini (25) has finally got an order from the Madras High Court confirming her post as a sub-inspector, making her the first transgender cop in the country.

Prithika says she is elated, but only for the moment, because of the battles she knows lie ahead of her. “There is a medical test, training, and finally the posting. I have to brace myself mentally and emotionally for the training and whatever harassment I may face,” says Prithika. “I hope I get posted in Chennai because at least there is awareness about transgenders here. If I get posted in a remote part of Tamil Nadu, I know it will mean a greater struggle for acceptance. But I am ready to fight,” says Prithika, who now works in mobile application company Ipodhu. Originally from Salem, she had run away from home four years ago after her graduation to look for work in Chennai.

“Once I set my mind to something, I don’t stop until it’s done,” says Prithika. Five years ago, when her parents – who had not come to terms with the fact that their child was a transgender – took her to a temple to exorcise her of the ‘spell’ she was under, Prithika vowed to take the name of the temple after her sex change. “I shortened the temple’s name to make it Prithika to prove to myself that I had it in me to follow my dreams,” she says, and adds that her parents have finally come around, even congratulating her on her achievement.

Proof of her laborious path to acceptance lies in a folder filled with documents legalising her name change, her right to appear for the written exam to join the police force, her right to appear for the physical test, and another for her to be allowed to attend the interview. And finally, the latest order of confirmation.