India Has Taken Resolute Measures To Fight ‘Scourge Of Terrorism’: Nirmala Sitharaman


Philippines: Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Tuesday raised concerns about the rising menace of global terrorism, adding that it has thrown up serious challenges.

Speaking at the 4th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Defence Ministers’ meeting in the Philippines, Sitharaman said, “Global security situation is constantly evolving and has thrown up serious challenges.”

“Terrorism and radicalisation through social media pose one of the most immediate and serious security challenges to our societies,” she said.

Her statement comes in the backdrop of increased terrorist activities around the globe, especially in the Middle East region.

India, too, has been a constant victim of terrorist activities, as attacks from across the border have increased. Pakistan’s constant terror activities have caused hindrance to India’s frontier border regions, and have led to the death of several soldiers and civilians.

She also drew attention to the fact that developments in cyberspace have given terrorists several ways to manipulate minds.

“New developments in social media and cyberspace have expanded the threat, as these are exploited by terrorists to develop less visible but lethal ways and means of manipulating minds of the people,” she said.

Requesting other members in the meeting to join India in the fight against terrorism, she asked them to adopt strong measures to fight terror activities.

“Terrorism anywhere is a threat everywhere,” she said.

“India has taken resolute measures to fight the scourge of terrorism from across its borders. We fully recognise the role of joint mechanisms with our partners and the role of international and regional forums in fighting this menace,” she added.