India-Russia To Close Shtorm Super Carrier Defence Deal


New Delhi: This could be a defining moment in India-Russia relations as by end of this year most of the ongoing defence deals could be concluded. The total value of these defence deals is in the billions of dollars, higher than any deals struck by India with western countries.

An Indian delegation is leaving for Russia to negotiate contracts on some very important defence acquisitions. Government sources told to Sputnik that a high level delegation will leave for Russia in a few days to discuss some strategic purchases for its maritime security.

Sources say that India would like to finalize a deal to lease some submarines from Russia. As the US refused to share technology for building a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the delegation would also start the discussion for a super-carrier with Russia. Last week, Russia officially offered its latest nuclear aircraft carrier ‘Shtorm’ to India.

Sources say that, India and Russia concluded two very important negotiations only last week. First, both nations agreed to license-build 200 twin-engine Kamov Ka-226T light multi-role helicopters and secondly, to jointly develop a Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA). It is expected that the Design and Development contract for the FGFA will be signed during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to India in October this year. India’s Defence Ministry expects the project will be completed in next 8-10 years.