India Requests New Apache Helicopters To Protect Border


New Delhi: Apache 64-A is a four-blade, twin-turboshaft helicopter with a nose-mounted sensor suite that makes target acquisition simpler.The laser, infrared, and other systems makes the helicopter capable of locating, tracking, and attacking targets. But now India requested for new apache version.

The Indian government is advancing the process of acquiring a half-dozen new Boeing AH-64E Apache attack helicopters, the Diplomat reports. New Delhi sent a letter of request (LoR) to the US government regarding a possible sale of the defense items, which constitutes one of the first steps in making an arms deal with Washington.

The US Army is the main operator of Apache helicopters. Japan, Israel, Greece, the Netherlands, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates also fly Apaches. According to the Diplomat, the attack helicopters would join the Indian Army’s Aviation Corps, (AAC) as opposed to the Indian Air Force.

The Indian Defense Ministry approved funds to buy the helicopters last August. Eventually, the AAC will station three squadrons of Apaches along the India-China and India-Pakistan borders, the Diplomat added.

While India seeks foreign-made military helicopters for its army, its military recently completed testing of domestically produced weaponized drones modeled after the United States’ Predator MQ-1. The drones are part of sweeping efforts to reduce India’s dependency on foreign-made defense articles.

India and China engaged in an intense border dispute in the Doklam area last year and just last month both sides barely avoided a similar standoff in the Arunachal Pradesh region following an alleged incursion by a Chinese road building team.