India is moving faster than expected: Modi


Gandhinagar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivers his speech at Vibrant Gujarat. Here are the excerpts from his speech.

  • PM begins his speech by extending solidarity with the people of France.
  • India is changing fast. India is growing fast. India is moving faster than expected.
  • We are here as a family, not only in terms of space, but because we recognize that someone’s dream is dependent on someone’s direction.
  • The ultimate objective is welfare of all- Loka Samastah Sukhinau Bhavantu.
  • India is learning even faster. India is ready than ever before.
  • There is tremendous interest in India. Countries are coming forward to work with us
  • The best outcome of this event should be inclusiveness and involvement of communities needing care and development.
  • Government is committed to changing and improving the economic and social condition of India including the quality of life.
  • Since the first day my government is actively working to revive the economy.
  • We want to promote co-operative federalism in the country.At the same time, we want a competitive element among the states.
  • We have put focus on building Infrastructure through public and private Investments.
  • We are undertaking the Sagarmala project to ensure port led development.
  • Government of India is working towards single window clearance at the Federal and State levels.
  •  Ease of doing business in India is a prime concern for you and us. I assure you that we are working very seriously on these issues.
  • Development process should benefit the common man as well as the business sector.
  • We have made commitments to our people. We have made commitments to ourselves. We have made commitments for India’s great future.
  • We are dreaming big. Our dreams are numerous. Our dreams can become the seeds of your growth. Our aspirations can propel your ambitions.
  • India is changing fast. India is growing fast. India is moving faster than expected.
  • Let us join hands! Let us work together for progress, prosperity and peace.