India Launches Its First Free Condom Store


New Delhi: On April 11 Parliament passed the HIV and AIDS (Prevention and Control) Bill, which provides for the prevention and control of the disease and protection of human rights of those affected by it. On the occasion, Health Minister J P Nadda said, “The government will provide free treatment to the people infected with HIV.

The ministry will soon come out with a new test and treat policy for the people living with HIV for providing free treatment to them.” A few days later on April 26, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), a global charity launched a free condom store in India to try to reduce new cases of HIV/AIDS. Considering how India currently has the world’s third highest number of such cases with 2.1 million people affected by the disease, according to UNAIDS Gap Report of 2016  and how condoms are the most effective and the cheapest way to prevent HIV infection, it is a great move.

Called Love Condoms, this is also the first free condom store in the world. The best thing is that organisations and individuals can place orders by phone or email to get a supply delivered to their doorsteps in any major city in India, just in case one is too shy to pick it up from the pharmacy. According to AHC Country Programme Director for India, Dr V Sam Prasad, the store is actually an email address through which NGOs working in related fields and people can avail of the service.

To place an order one can call on the toll free number 1800 102 8102 or reach them via email at

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