India Govt Asks For Report From West Bengal On Collapse In Midnapore


New Delhi: Government of India has sought a report from the West Bengal Government on the tent collapse incident that took place during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Kisan Kalyan rally in West Bengal’s Midnapore.

“We are deeply concerned about those who were injured at the rally. We pray for their early recovery. All assistance and help will be provided to the injured. The organisers of this rally must take responsibility for this lapse,” read a press statement from TMC.

The All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) stated that the organisers of the rally must take responsibility for the same.

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Modi visited the injured in the hospital and enquired about the condition of those who were hurt after a portion of a tent collapsed on them at his Kisan Kalyan rally in Medinipur.

In the middle of his speech, Prime Minister Modi saw the portion of the tent collapsing and instantly instructed the Special Protection Group (SPG) personnel standing behind him to attend to any injured.

Not only the local party unit, even Prime Minister Modi’s personal staff ranging from his doctor to SPG personnel instantly rushed to help the people.