India To Get Long-Range Anti-Aircraft Missile System Soon


New Delhi: The S-400 Triumph is Russia’s newest long-range anti-aircraft missile system. It is designed to destroy aircraft as well as cruise and ballistic missiles and India keep eyes on it to gain more power in Defence system.

বিশ্বের সবথেকে বড় অর্ডার! প্রচুর হরনেট পাচ্ছে বায়ুসেনা

The supplies of S-400 air defense systems are “at the final stage,” the contract may be signed any day now, Russian Ambassador to India Nikolay Kudashev told in an interview.

The S-400 uses four missiles to fill its performance envelope: the very-long-range (400 km), the long-range (250 km), the medium-range (120 km) and the short-range (40 km). The S-400 has been described, as of 2017, as “one of the best air-defence systems currently made.”

খুব শীঘ্রই ভারতের হাতে আসতে চলেছে ১২টি মার্কিন এয়ারক্র্যাফ্ট

“As far as I know, the negotiations [on the S-400 supplies] are at the final stage. I have received such information from the country’s Defense Ministry. We expect signing of the contract any day now,” Kudashev said. As the Russian diplomat noted, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the negotiations have continued for a while, given the seriousness of the issue.

“It is in the creation of an anti-missile defense of India, which will become a decisive factor in resolving the problems of the air and outer space security of the country for decades. This is a strategic choice, so the balanced and responsible approach of the parties, both Russian and Indian, does not surprise me,” the ambassador said.