India, France Vow To Fight Climate Change, Terrorism Jointly


Paris: India and France on Saturday pledged to fight climate change and terrorism jointly as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi termed them as two big threats to humanity.
Prime Minister Modi also exhorted the world to fight these menaces unitedly.

“Terrorism is visible and affects the entire world, including France and India. The world needs to be united to defeat it,” Prime Minister Modi said in a joint statement with French President Emmanuel Macron at Elysee Palace in Paris.

Terming the Paris Agreement as “article of faith” and a “shared legacy of the world”, the prime minister said, “We must leave legacy of clean environment for generations to come. It will benefit the future generations as well as us. This (Paris Agreement) is an article of faith”

Macron also acknowledged that the menace of “terrorism has been striking India and France in different ways” and added that both the nations have pledged to work in defence cooperation, maritime security and intelligence.

“France will stand by India in matters of terrorism,” said Macron.
The French President also said that France is committed to fight against the climate change. He asserted that Paris is working on an action plan, both within and outside the climate deal framework.

” France is really committed to fight climate change not only within the framework of the Paris Accord but also out of its purview,” he said.

“We both (PM Modi and French President) are convinced that our countries can do a lot in tackling the climate change,” added Macron.

He further said that he will be travelling to India at end of this year to convene a meeting with the members of the International Solar Alliance.

“We will convene a meeting on solar alliance in which many countries can contribute in order to tackle climate change. We will take a number of concrete actions in favour of the solar energy,” he added.

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