India deploying UAVs to map destruction


New Delhi: Amidst the sheer scale of devastation which reduced the communication lines to tatters in Nepal, India is sending UAVs to Kathmandu to map the destruction and help rescue efforts.

Sources said the UAVs, under the operational command of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), will reach Kathmandu on Monday and begin operations immediately as time is running out.

“The sheer scale of disaster is so huge that Nepalese authorities, despite their best efforts, are overwhelmed and their infrastructure is under severe stress. We don’t even know exactly where and what building has collapsed. Since communication lines are down, there is little information coming from the public either. UAVs will help us map the destruction in the city and channelize resources accordingly,” said an NDRF officer.

NDRF IG Sandeep Rai Rathod confirmed the development and said, “We are at the operational command of Nepalese authorities and doing our best to rescue people wherever we are being deployed. The first 72 hours are crucial as after that, chances of those trapped surviving is minimum. We are thus deploying all resources to save as many lives as possible.”