India-China Standoff:Govt Asks Not To Withdraw Forces From Doklam


New Delhi: Narendra Modi government has decided not to withdraw the forces from the Doklam tri-junction under any circumstance.

According to ‘The Week’ report, though the army has reduced its forces to a great extent, the Union government has asked the defence ministry not to withdraw the force completely and to continue its presence there.

A senior defence ministry officials said that the government directed the defence ministry officials not to say anything regarding the Doklam issue, as only the ministry of external affairs is authorised to make comments.

রাম রহিমের ‘কীর্তি’তে রেল-ভোগান্তি রাজ্যবাসীর

“But a clear instruction is there not to withdraw the force. We will not withdraw come what may,”said the official.

The military sources in eastern command confirmed that China is putting intense pressure on the army to withdraw the forces from Doklam completely.

“But despite pressure the government is in no mood to withdraw and asked the army to defend the country under any circumstance,” said the officer.

ফের বিস্ফোরণ পাহাড়ে, সেতু ওড়ানোর চেষ্টা

Apart from presence of army in Sikkim, the officials said, airforce aircrafts have been deployed at advantageous positions.

“China has aircrafts suitable for higher altitudes, but our military aircrafts are better, as aircrafts for high altitude don’t perform efficiently. We can carry maximum ammunition from the sea level and strike any target,” the official added.

China on the other hand did not have a favourable geographical position like India has.

When asked about the comment of defence minister about India being different than what it was in 1962, the senior official said, “The minister took all these into account while saying this. Yes, today we have shortage of aircrafts, but we are much ahead than before and can retaliate to any attack on us,” said the official.