India, China Likely To Go For Joint Economic Project With Afghanistan


Wuhan: In what can be considered a big jolt for Pakistan, India and China are likely to go in for a joint economic project with Afghanistan.

According to sources, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping have agreed to work together on an economic project in Afghanistan to show that both nations can also cooperate and unite together in a third country should the need arise.

It is now well known that New Delhi and Beijing are keen to put the developments that took place in 2017 behind them and seek common ground wherever possible.

Prior to the Wuhan summit, Beijing had invited Indian officials who deal with Afghanistan and had reportedly proposed both sides getting involved in a joint development project.

This development suggests that China is unwilling to have its options cramped by Pakistan’s reservations about India’s role in Afghanistan.

Several web site-related reports have said that both India and China have their respective reasons for forging a broad-based regional approach towards stabilizing Afghanistan.

India has pledged over USD two billion on a wide array of reconstruction projects that range from building roads and dams to constructing the building of the Afghan parliament and a slew of grassroots projects.