India Chalking Strategy To Divide Pakistan Again


New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy once said that India would never want to declare a war against Pakistan. He also said that if Pakistan desires war, India is ready for it.

“Pakistan has no power. It is frustrated and weak. Their civilian government is useless. It’s a dummy government. If the military wants a war, we are ready, but we are not going to declare a war,” Swamy said.

“We have always been a country which has never gone to war with anybody, unless the war is forced on us,” he added.

“Pakistan government is useless, lacks confidence and frustrated. India is confident. We already ripped them into two last time, next time we will break them into four pieces,” Swamy further said as per the daily.

The BJP Rajya Sabha member Subramanian Swamy claims that “India is working on a strategy to divide Pakistan into four, if the neighbour didn’t mend its ways”.

The leader known for his straight and controversial remarks said the groundwork had begun, though no one at the government level would admit to it. “Tomorrow, my party may call it my personal opinion but we all working on it,” he told students

Blaming India for every misery has become a trend in Pakistan, whose political leadership and an out of control army took every measure to blame their failure on India and save skin.

The revelation by Swamy is not new as Pakistan has long been accusing India of fanning trouble in the restive tribal area of Baluchistan. Pakistan has claimed that India funds and trains Baluch rebels fighting for sovereignty.

India has during the 70s under the leadership of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi launched war on Pakistan in support of Mukti Bahini and liberated East Pakistan and helped forming a new country known as Bangladesh.

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