India Can Move Forward Under Swamiji’s Ideals: Pranab


Barrackpore: Former Indian President Pranab Mukher, while addressing a programme on
Wednesday, said “A majority of people needs to be made skilled in order to make
India lead to its development. Education is needed for that purpose. The education
system shown to us by Swamiji needs to be adopted.

The President was speaking at Ramkrishna Mission Shilpapith’s 60th birth
anniversary. He was the guest speaker at this programme where he unveiled a statue
of Swami Vivekananda.

Pranab said, “Swamiji had put forward Indian civilization, culture at the Chicago
religious meet. That education which can take an individual forward will be able to
take India forward.”

Pranab Mukherjee thinks that the education which does not think of the poors of the
country, how much an individual becomes educated by that education, it still
remains futile at the end. That education is needed which will help people to think
about others. An ideal person will be made through that education.

The former President also thinks that by just building IITs or college/schools for
higher education, will not be able to establish the quality of education. According
to him, “To advance the education, vocational education or technical education is
also necessary. I felt about this during the planning of the second five-year
anniversary. It needs mention that the planning was prepared by renowned scientist
Prashanta Chandra Mahalanabis.”

Pranab Mukherjee wants India to move forward with the help of the ideals followed
by Swamiji.