India Among Top Nations To Search For, Fatal Game “Blue Whale”


New Delhi: The number of India Among Top Nations To Search For, Fatal Game “Blue Whale” in India for the Blue Whale Challenge is among the highest globally, data from internet giant Google shows, raising a challenge for authorities to clamp down on the game linked to at least four suicides in the country.

The computer game, believed to have been developed in Russia in 2013, has become one of the most controversial online games worldwide and has been blamed for suicides by more than 130 teenagers worldwide.

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Participants of the game are required to perform several tasks over a 50-day period, with suicide as the final “challenge”.

Google’s Trends, which analyses and collates the most popular search words or phrases, reveals that more and more people from India are searching for the Blue Whale game in the past 12 months.

The findings by Google Trends, however, does not necessarily mean that all those are looking for the suicide-linked game are actually playing it.

According to the report, the most searched keywords – a term used to describe words or phrases – include “blue whale challenge”, “blue whale game challenge”, “blue whale challenge game download” and “blue whale online challenge game download”.