Inconsistency In Rajeev Kumar’s Speech, New Questionnaire For Him


Shillong: Both Kunal Ghosh and Rajeev Kumar are being interrogated by putting them face-to-face against each other over scams such as Sarada to Rose Valley. In the fourth day too, Rajeev Kumar’s statement has been recorded.

As per sources, during interrogation, inconsistencies were noted as Kunal Ghosh’s statements did not match with Rajeev. Hence, new questionnaires were being prepared.

The questions are ready and with them the CP is being interrogated on Tuesday. On the other hand, Kunal Ghosh is returning to Kolkata. Ghosh will hold a press conference after coming back. It needs to be seen what does he reveal in the press meet.

In the first day, Kumar had urged so that the interrogation could be ended in one day as Madhyamik examinations will begin in WB and will require the CP’s presence in Kolkata. But at the end of Monday, it was clear that the interrogation was not over.