Inauguration Of Park Named After Ramkinkar Baiz At Bankura


Bankura: The inauguration of the park named after Ramkinkar Baiz who is the famous sculptor is inaugurated at Tamlibandh Barkura town in Bankura.

On Friday, on the Republic Day, this park was inaugurated by Ramkinkar Beej, the landlord of the district, Shampa Diripa of Trinamool Congress, the MLA from Bankura, inaugurated the park. At the same time Nazrul Park and Open Mancha were inaugurated at Bankura Rampur.

On Friday, 69th Republic Day was celebrated by public and private enterprises with appropriate status in Talmilai Bankura with the country. The main function was held at the Bankura Stadium with the initiative of the district administration. District police staff took part in the parade along with students of various programs. District and Police administration officials present were present.

Also, the administration of Bishnupur and Khatra subdivisions of the district is also observed by the administration of the day. There were many prominent personalities including local legislator Shampa Diripa, Purapraksh Mohaprasad Sengupta, who attended the ceremony in Bankura.

Bankura municipalities have been informed, Ramkinkar Udyan at Tamlibund intersection and Nazrul Park in Rampur will play a special role in beautifying the city. The garden was inaugurated on the Republic Day