In Name Of Ratha Yatra, BJP Doing Vote Yatra: Surjya Kanta Mishra


Kolkata: CPM leader Surjya Kanta Mishra on Monday lashed out BJP. He said that “Ratha Yatra is a pious festival of Bengal and other states where Shri Jagannath deb, Balaram and Suvadra worshiped. Many peoples of world joined this festival. There is no connection with BJP. The saffron brigade urges for vote in the name of Ratha Yatra.”

“Every time BJP plays such drama before the polls,” said Suryakanta Mishra at a press briefing at party’s state headquarters at Alimuddin Street on Monday. BJP will play ‘Ratha Yatra’ by using a toilet-equipped chariots where BJP leaders played the role Jagannath .

On this day, not only BJP SuryaKanta Mishra attacked state ruling party on several issues like Sabar community death row, Singur’s farmer protest etc.

Taking the context of the Sabar, he said that people are dying without eating. But Chief Minister was busy to do the carnivals. People do not have jobs. Employment opportunities in agriculture decreased. The state needs industries.

Every 6th December, CPM will celebrate Babari Masjid Diwas. Suryakanta Mishra said, “Various Hindu Hindutva organizations, including RSS are going to start the construction of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. It is very important to stop them. On that day we will rally in Kolkata. “