‘It Is Very Important To Keep Yourself Healthy’


Taking care of oneself is done mainly by women. But this person has completely changed its definition. She has taken it to the international level. Needless to give, her identity, separately. Each and every household has her products. What is the key to her success? How much struggle she had to undergo? Debjani Sarkar finds out answers to such questions from Aroma therapist Keya Seth.

Kolkata 24×7: Mockery of taking care of Women’s beauty is always taking place. You have given a new dimension to this. Did you do this with full knowledge about the mockery part?

Keya Seth: I do not think that women’s beauty care is mocked at nowadays. Women do their make-up in front of all, whereas men do it behind all. Is there anyone who dislikes doing their make-ups? But yes, women have become more conscious about their beauty regime. Today’s generation knows how to take care of their skin, hair and health. It is very important to keep yourself healthy. I have proceeded with this aspect with full knowledge because I believe that, just as the way we brush out teeth to maintain proper hygiene, in a similar way we must take care of our skin and hair too.

Kolkata 24×7: “Pehle Darshandari, Baad Mein Gun Bichari”- Do you believe in this phrase?

Keya Seth: Yes, I believe it 90%. See, we cuddle a baby by pressing their chubby cheeks. We are more attracted to beautiful boys and girls. But it is also true that, beauty doesn’t hold, if there is lack of talent and intelligence. I believe that shiny skin and beautiful hair boosts up one’s personality.

Kolkata 24×7: Did you choose this profession for your liking towards taking care of beauty?

Keya Seth: Of Course! But it is not that I do a lot of make-ups. I even advice others to do that much make-up as is required. Extremes of anything is not good.

Kolkata 24×7: Did you achieve this sense for beauty from your mother?

Keya Seth: No. I had a good sense for beauty from my early childhood. I used to do a very good make-up on myself.keya-seth

Kolkata24x7: Women want to become glamorous like film stars. For this, many women does a lot for achieving this. Do you support this?

Keya Seth: See, to keep one healthy, clean and shiny, one must take care of their beauty as much as required. But I do not support women running after film stars. In most of the cases, artificial make-ups are applied to the film stars. Tell me, how many of the artists have long and bouncy hair?

Kolkata 24×7: How much struggle you had to do to become ‘The’ (brand) Keya Seth?

Keya Seth: I have to go on with the struggle even now. But I have been successful in explaining to the people what aromatherapy is. I have brought back something from the past. It has been a tough job to get the trust of the people. But at the end, I have been successful. Initially, I had a parlour. From there, I came to product, then to the spa, and then to medi-spa.

Kolkata 24×7: What would be the uniqueness of Keya Seth brand?

Keya Seth: Keya Seth products, unlike other products, does not require aromatherapy preservation. It is preserved well in Essentious Well.

Kolkata 24×7: What do you like the most about yourself?

keya-seth-3Keya Seth: My personality.

Kolkata 24×7: Your hobby?

Keya Seth: I love doing creative work. Painting is my hobby, you can say.

Kolkata 24×7: What would you have done, if you would not have been an aroma-therapist?

Keya Seth: Then I might have become a designer, since I love painting. You can say that since I had the ambition of becoming a designer, I have thought of making a designer wear mall.

Translated by Saheli Dey.