Im Fine With Paoli’s Nude Act, Said Vikram


Kolkata: Renowned actor Vikram Chatterjee was involved in a major accident in the wee hours of Saturday morning. This accident claimed his co-passenger Sonika Singh Chouhan’s life. Years back in an interview with the Times of India, Vikram had spoken candidly about his alleged girlfriend Paolu Dam, stating that he was fine with Paoli’s nude act.

মর্মান্তিক গাড়ি দুর্ঘটনা প্রাণ কেড়ে নিল তাঁর! কে ছিলেন এই সোনিকা?

While the whole of Kolkata was engrossed in the debate over Paoli’s sex clips from “Chatrak”, one person remained pretty much silent about the issue. He was none other than Paoli’s “good friend” – Vikram Chatterjee.

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Vikram had already shot with Paoli in three films and all wondered what his take was on the issue. Vikram said that “I am an actor and I understand that whatever I do, I have to take complete responsibility for it. I have immense respect for Paoli as an actor and I am sure whatever decision she has taken about doing those scenes was not impulsive but responsible one. Being an actor, I understand how important it is to be inhibition-free. I have no problems with those scenes.”

অভিনেতা বিক্রমের বিরুদ্ধে স্বত্বপ্রণোদিত মামলা রুজু করল পুলিশ

When he was question about his marriage he said that, “I am not talking about marriage at all right now. In fact, that’s not something either of us is thinking of. Sure, I have feelings for Paoli. But, as I said, I completely respect an actor’s decision. When I decide to marry someone and if the person is from the film industry, I will never tell her not to do nude scenes should the film so demand. In case of “Chatrak”, I am completely fine with Paoli’s nude act,”

Vikram is presently in the ICU of the Ruby Hospital and is recovering.