I’m a Bird in Golden Cage: Sex Racket Victim To Cops


New Delhi: “I am a bird in a golden cage,” a shattered Taniya (name changed) said in her statement. The 23-year-old Russian woman was rescued by income tax officials during a raid on a Safdarjung Enclave house recently.

Sensing more trouble, Taniya had slashed her wrists in order to kill herself. Weeks later, her statement was recorded by the police as the Russian embassy intervened.

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“I came to India on February 25, 2016. Ajay Ahlawat was my sponsor…My visa was valid till August. I was taken to Ahlawat’s farmhouse in Bijwasan area. A woman named Radia had coordinated everything,” Taniya told the cops. She also talked about her visits to Sariska and Jaipur.

“I was introduced to Sanyal at the farmhouse. Ahlawat said he would take care of me. We lived like a couple. Sanyal had promised to marry me but that never happened. He would take me to parties in south Delhi,” a source quoted Taniya as saying.

“He would introduce me to people who he claimed were big-shots-I-T officers, arms dealers and others. They all wanted to be friends with me and Sanyal had no problem. I was made to sleep with two people against my will. But I don’t know who they are.”

She also talked about a woman, who’s originally from Morocco but lived in Jordan. TOI had first reported about this woman last Saturday.

In her statement given to the cops, Taniya said that she knew that Sanyal was already married and much older to her. “He would claim to be young and say that his hair had grown white. But I got to know that he was thrice my age. I had come to earn some money to support my family but have been trapped in this web. I just want go back (to my country),” Taniya said.

The police have matched her statements with the WhatsApp messages and SMS chats found on Sanyal’s phone. “The evidence in the form of SMSes and WhatsApp data showed that the foreign national was being kept by the accused against her will. Her travel documents were forcibly kept by the accused in his custody. I-T authorities also recorded her statement wherein she stated that she was feeling very insecure with the accused and wished to leave the premise immediately” said DCP (south) Ishwar Singh.