‘Illegal Parking’ Kolkata Municipal Corporation Working Against This Headache

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Kolkata: To control against illegal Parking in Kolkata, KMC new drive working in the city during the night. As it has became the headache for Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Though earlier the civic body and the Kolkata Police are set to launch a drive against illegal car parking which seems to be rampant these days. But it doesnt work fruitfully.

The KMC prior to the night drives were spreading awareness against illegal parking by putting up billboards. The civic body had set up parking zones where a fee of Rs 400 were collected from the owners for the purpose. But, the efforts apparently remain futile.

The roads of the city had almost reduced to a garage with owners parking their vehicles at random spots. The traffic police though conduct checks against such illegal parking during the day, at night, the parking rules continue to be flouted by vehicle owners.

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But it is unfortunate that the drive is hardly making the desired impact to curb the menace while the collected fine amounts keep filling up the coffers of the civic body. They seized the vehicles.

Owners of such vehicles have to pay a fine amount of Rs 1000- either on the spot or deposit it in the KMC treasury office- to free their seized vehicles. However, it was observed that in most times, the owners are readily paying the fine amount but continuing to defy rules.

The KMC has put up parking zones across the city where one could safely keep their vehicles parked. However, this also requires a parking fee. Most owners and drivers keep their cars at random places to avoid paying the parking fees. Keeping cars at random places lead to blocking of roads and lanes.