Illegal Infiltration From Bangladesh, 7 Arrested


Barrackpore: Jagaddal police has arrested seven people including six Bangladeshis’ for illegally entering to India. A sudden police raid in Kankinara near Barrackpore-Kalyani highway caught those people. The accused have produced before Barrackpore court on Friday.

According to the police source, a suspicious white ambassador was standing on Barrackpore-Kalyani highway. Police has seized the car immediately. There were seven people including the driver inside the car. They were asked to show their identity proof. But they could not provide proper identification. Consequently, they took the charge of illegal entry in India.

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কাঁকিনাড়ায় গ্রেফতার ৬ বাংলাদেশি অনুপ্রবেশকারী-সহ ৭ জন

Police is investigating the incident. There is a chance of more people involvement in this regard. They have produced before Barrackpore court and police is suspecting for more varied story behind the infiltration.