IIT Scientist’s Deceased Body To Reach Purulia, Died in Antartica Expidition


Purulia: The deceased body of an young scientist is set to reach his home soon. A fortnight before he would have turned 24, Subhajit Sen, a Indian student-scientist died in an accident in Antarctica.

He is a student of Indian Institute Technology (IIT), Bhubaneswar who was a member of the team deputed under the 37th Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica died in an accident in Antarctica.

The accident took place near the Indian research center Maitri in Antarctica. The deceased Subhojit Sen ,24, was born April 13, 1994 in a West Bengal village. He was selected for the expedition based on his research project “Deformation – Fabric in Sub-glacial Till Exposed in Schirmacher Oasis” in 2017. The young scientist was expected to return from the expedition by April 2018.

Subhajit Sen, hailing from Purulia in West Bengal and a student of IIT Bhubaneswar, was part of the 37th Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica. He died near Indian research station Maitri.

He had been selected on account of a research project he had undertaken —“Deformation — Fabric in sub-glacial till exposed Schirmacher oasis” — as part of a short-term research team during the ongoing expedition, from November 2017 and April 2018.

The young scientist suffered severe trauma following an accident late while travelling on the Indian Envoy route to Maitri station, said M Ravichandran, director of Goa-based NCAOR, the nodal agency for the annual expedition under the Ministry of Earth Sciences.

There have been incidents in the past when scientists accidentally stepped onto hidden crevices during convoy operations, escaping narrowly. According to sources, at least four Indian scientists have died in previous accidents in Antarctica, while another scientist died of a heart attack.