IIT-Roorkee Expels 73 Students


Dehradun: In an unprecedented step for any IIT, the institute at Roorkee expelled 73 students for poor performance after their first year of B-Tech programe. These students scored less than 5 CGPA (cumulative grade point average) in their exams and were expelled late on Wednesday.

At the time of admission, the parents of these students had signed a declaration stating that their poor performance could result in their removal from the institute: this is unlike any other previous instance at an IIT.

Students have been expelled from IITs but taken back, except in one instance each in IIT, Kharagpur and IIT, Kanpur. On Thursday, a meeting was held to consider the mercy appeal of students.

It was attended by over 160 senior officials, including professors, heads of departments and the director. A decision was then taken to expel the students.