IIT Kharagpur Shows Way To Farmers To Fight Drought Situation


Bankura: West Bengal Agriculture Department has taken an initiative to determine alternative agricultural method to the district farmers of drought-prone Bankura district.

With the help of IIT Kharagpur, a special training camp has been organised in Borojora Farmers Residential Training Centre. Professor K.N. Tiwari of IIT Agriculture and Food Department was present to give a hands on experience on the alternative agricultural method.

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Bankura district is mostly drought prone and dependent on agricultural materials. The main corp of the district is paddy. Apart from this, southern blocks of the district Simlapal, Raipur, Sarenga, Taldangrar extensively produces Potato and Punpkin. The soil of the area do not have much water retaining capasity. As well as the amount of rainfall is very less in last few years.

Though parts of the land have the access of Kangsabati Barrage and DVC water Dam but that is not enough for the entire agricultural process. Farmers are standing before huge loss due to this problem. Consequently, the regional economy which is mostly depends on agriculture ar being affected due to this. Farmers are happy after finding a new way as a solution of their problem.