‘If Sovan Leaves TMC, Baishakhi Will Leave Sovan’


Kolkata: Veteran Congress leader and lawyer Arunava Ghosh has commented on Sovan Chatterjee and Ratna Chatterjee issue that has completely taken the media of West Bengal.

In his comment, he said that, “Though Sovan Cahatterjee has left Mayorship-Ministership but he would not leave Trinamool so soon. Predicting the future of Chatterjee, he said that, If Sovan leaves TMC, Baishakhi will leave him.

He has blamed Ratna Chatterjee and Baishakhi Banerjee for creating such situation for Sovan Chatterjee. Sovan has sent resignation on November 22. The fictitious love triangle became the most discussed topic of this week. Several facet of discussion are coming up on this issue.

Keeping that connection, Arunava Ghosh said that, “I know Baishakhi. Previously the same situation happened with one lawyer and journalist. Now it’s happening with Sovan.”