‘If Modi Stays PM,Petrol Will Hit 100rs / Litre’


Kolkata: While addressing a mammoth rally at Gandhi statue on Tuesday, Abhishek Banerjee, Trinamool Congress MP and president of the party’s youth wing, said that to save the country from disaster, it is absolutely essential to remove Narendra Modi.

The Trinamool Youth Congress had organised a sit-in demonstration to protest against the price hike of Fuel.

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“Before the price of petrol reaches Rs 100 per litre, it is absolutely necessary to remove Narendra Modi from power and save the country from disaster,” he said. Banerjee said that the Trinamool Congress will continue its agitation till the Centre reduces the fuel prices.”

He said that there was no agitation by the SP, BSP, AIADMK and other political parties as the BJP government has terrorised their leaders by letting loose the CBI, ED and Income Tax (I-T) Department.

Banerjee said he has no problem in accepting the Hinduism preached by Swami Vivekananda but cannot accept BJP’s Hinduism which is based on violence. “In the name of Jai Sri Ram, the BJP has brought in violence and even children are being taught to hate others,”he said.